Friday, February 13, 2009

It's NOT "Make-Believe"

Ty LOVES to play make-believe...but PLEASE...don't tell him that's what it's called!

A few days after The Miracle on the Hudson, I found Ty's "Stairs Bucket" (it's a bucket on the stairs that I throw any out-of-place toys into so Ty & Zoe will bring their stuff up to their rooms) was in their to some play safety goggles. I put the bucket away and brought the goggles back down to the playroom. Later that afternoon, all the chairs in the office were lined up one in front of the other...and there were the bucket and goggles again. Hmmmmm. Clearly, I'm missing something, but since everyone was in bed, I cleaned up the toys again and put the chairs away. The very next day...they appeared again...this time, I decided to leave them there.

A few hours later, Ty asked me if I wanted to go away on a trip. "Absolutely!" His eyes got really big and he said, "Follow me!" He took me by the hand and led me to the office. With his best Vanna White impression, he stretched out his arm and said, "Welcome to my plane! Climb aboard and I'll rocket you to wherever you want to go!" How could I resist? I chose a seat up front...clearly that was First Class! Zoe was already in the rear of the plane munching away on pretzels. Ty was seated in the first chair with his bucket on his lap. On went the goggles. He turned around and said (and I'm quoting), "Welcome aboard, Ladies and Gentlemen. I'm your driver, Captain Sully. Where are we headed today?"

I almost cried!

That night, as I tucked my pilot into his bed, I told him how much fun I had on our trip and how much I enjoy watching him play make-believe. He quickly informed me that make-believe is for babies. He was just "being creative". Okay. Works for me!


Superhero Mom said...

...and this is why I love being a boy Mom...full of adventures...and a lot less drama! Thank you for your comment on my recent blessed me! BTW--your children are as gorgeous as ever--and you totally ROCK as a Mom Amy!

Amy said...

he is quite "creative" :) don't you love it when they can entertain themselves??? my niece told my sister that she was "going upstairs to use her imagination." hysterical! :)

Jen @ Amazing Trips said...

Very cool. Since Sully is one of my all-time favorite heroes, good character selection!!