Thursday, February 5, 2009

Like Walking Puppies

The triplets are 18-months old!  (Stay tuned for their official "weigh in" after their appointment next week.) And they're just too big to be schlepping around in the triple stroller.  Not only does it take everything in me to get the thing rolling, it's near impossible to control once it is moving.  But I'm getting cabin fever.  I'm desperate to socialize with adults other than the ones in the pediatrician's waiting room.  So...yesterday...I decided to attempt the PTO meeting at Zoe's school.

Without the stroller.

Oh boy.

The Gang has cute little backpack/harnesses that I bought so I can keep them all at arm's length when we're out walking.  Of course, we haven't actually used them yet.  But the idea is there.  I'm working with them.  They wear the backpacks around the house and LOVE THEM.  Ava's is a pink poodle...and the boys have little monkeys.

(These were taken on a "practice wearing your backpacks" day...)

On paper, this is a great idea!  This should work, right?  After dropping Ty off at preschool, I strapped the Gang up in their packs and let them out of the van.  Immediately...they all went in opposite directions.  OBVIOUSLY, I knew this was going to happen, that's why I've got them on these leashes put the harnesses on.

That's where the comedy began!  For the next 15 minutes, the triplets twisted and turned, bobbed and weaved, ran and walked, stood and fell, cried and laughed as we worked our way from the parking lot to the school.  Whenever one of the triplets reached the end of their "slack" and realized I wanted them to come a different direction, they'd sit down.  After 15 minutes, we'd gone a whopping 6 feet.  I'm not exaggerating.  One word: debacle!

I ended up picking up a screaming Cole after he fell and put is hand in a pile of snow.  Walked a few more feet and tripped on the leashes straps weaved around my legs.  Ava saw Cole and became I picked her up in the other arm.  A few more feet...and Eli buried his face in between my legs and bear hugged my knees.  Hmmmmm...not going so well.  I squatted down (careful not to let the diaper bag fall from my shoulder...that would've definitely caused me to fall over) and picked Eli up by his sweatpants...barely getting a hand under each butt-cheek.  Stood up and walked briskly into the school.

Thankfully, there was someone at the door to open it.  When I got inside, I was greeted by a friend who was hysterically laughing took Eli and helped me lower down the others.  My arms were quivering like I'd just worked out.  And in a sense, I had.

I refuse to give up...this is GOING to work...someday!


Nicole O'Dell said...

OMGosh! THAT is so funny! I HAVE to get those leashes um I mean harnesses. Where did you get the animal ones?

I have a picture in my head of someone walking a bunch of labrador pups. Hee hee

Helen said...

LOL! Been there, done that Amy!! I tried that at the park a week ago... it took me 10 minutes to go 100 yards! I'm going to keep working at it too.

Rachael said...

hahaha, i am so sorry to laugh but the image of you in the parking lot is just too funny. and a scene i am quite familiar with. we haven't tried the leashes yet because i don't think my trio would be fond of them at all and i have images of them throwing themselves on the floor, ground, street, whatever because they are limited in where they can go. maybe i should give them another try though...

Kris said...

OK, that is too funny! I was wondering about the leashes - I mean harnesses. I guess I should start practice here at home too!

Amy said...

hysterical!! i can just picture this in my head - LOL!

Anonymous said...

I remember trying the a harness with Cassie. It looked like a fanny pack around her waist and it was able to turn with her when she turned (like when she wanted to run away). I was hard enough with one . . .can't imagine it for three.

Alexa said...

HYSTERICAL. You almost made caramel machiatto squirt out of my nose.

aura said...

have you thought about taking them running?? :):) :)

Jen @ Amazing Trips said...

Oh mercy. I've been there. I've lived to tell the tale. Here's one:

Here's two:

You'll get there. It just takes a LOAD of practice!!