Saturday, January 10, 2009

She's a Published Author

Before Christmas break, Zoe came home from school with a library "book" written by her very distant cousin really good friend, Maeve.  Apparently, Maeve wrote a story with pictures and brought it into the librarian media center specialist.  Zoe thought it was VERY cool.  And, since Zoe has a love of making books (hence her love of staplers), she decided she needed to write a book, herself.

Sure enough, Mrs. Van (who's name isn't really Mrs. Van, it's Mrs. Van-something-too-long-for-the-kids-to-pronounce) took Zoe's book (The Rose Grows) and slapped a barcode on it.  You'll never guess who was the first to check out this lovely story (about a seed that's planted, watered and eventually grows into a rose...)

I'm just glad Zoe decided to write a NEW book, and not bring in one that she'd already written.  The last time I read one of her books, it was while I was waiting to see her teacher for Parent/Teacher Conferences.  The kids had all written stories and they were hanging on the wall in the hallway.  After reading Zoe's, I really, really, really, really wanted to add an appendix that read, "My mom is not a psych patient that was in a little room with padded white walls after being carted off by men in cute little white coats."


When I asked Zoe about this fictional interesting story, she clarified that she was writing about when I gave birth to the triplets.  So technically, I was in the hospital for five nights, but that's not the "sticky point" for me.  She doesn't write anything about the babies!  Where's the cute picture of three little babies in cribs?  I guess in Zoe's eyes, the babies weren't part of my hospital stay.  Afterall, she and Ty didn't see Cole, Eli &/or Ava until long after I was home.  I'd never really considered what Zoe & Ty must've thought (or even still think) about the fact that they didn't actually SEE babies when I came home. It wasn't until 10, 20 & 25 days later that they saw Cole, Eli & Ava for the first times.  I wonder what affect that'll have on their view of childbirth as they get older.

* Interesting little side note...Do you notice that The Rose Grows is stapled on the wrong side?  Oh, the challenges of being left-handed.


Following Him said...

@ least she is published :) Great job Zoe!

Barclay 5 said...

Distant is in the eye of the beholder. As far as Zoe and David are concerned that blood line is CLOSE!

Love the book(s). Way to go cousin Zoe!


Alexa said...

Way to go, Miss Zoe! This may be the start of her career as a published author:)

Dorinda said...

Go Zoe!! Keep up the great work - someday I'll be picking up your books for myself :)

And I am cracking up over her first book. Caleb often tells me it's okay if I go back into the hospital for another baby. If only it were that easy...

Nicole O'Dell said...

Oh my goodness! That is such an interesting thing to find out about her perspective on the birth of the babies. I wouldn't have put that together, either.

Ps. My passion for writing started with having a book published in 4th (?) grade as a result of a literary contest. So, you never know!

Sharon (Mom to Maryanna, Cliff, and Macey) said...

Wow, I am very happy that you found me and now I can meet you and ALL of these other multiple moms! Congrats to Zoe and I am VERY jelious of your new space for scraping!