Monday, April 12, 2010

World's Best Waterboys

So technically, they weren't both BOYS and they didn't have WATER, but they were still perfect!

I'm running the NJ Half-Marathon again this year.  Saturday, I was supposed to run 12 miles, according to my training schedule.  Since I haven't done my "long training runs" for the past 2 weekends, thanks to Bethany's Wedding and Easter, I was pretty skeptical that I'd get very far.  Planning for the worst, I decided I'd piece together 2 of my running routes (for a total of 11 miles), bringing me right past our street after 5 miles. 

The first 5 miles felt pretty good.  Even still, I wasn't looking forward to going back out on another "loop".  Until I turned the corner and saw this...

Obviously, I don't run with my camera, this is a re-creation!

You can only imagine how much my spirit was lifted.  I might have even teared up a little!  I stopped for a few seconds, drank some of the Gatorade and headed back out.

I only wish the kids had found a way to wait for me at mile 8.5.  Right after the pretty substantial hill I had completely forgotten about.


Alejandra Ramos said...

Oh this is so cute!! I love it!

Also, I have to say that I am so impressed and full of admiration for you and your amazing dedication to your running. I'm a terrible runner. Terrible! I can barely run a block without getting out of breath. But you're awesome and I just wanted to tell you that! :)


Anonymous said...

Cute kids, too. Stopping by from SITS.