Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Recap

Happy Easter (a week late)!

I'm not really sure how Easter showed up so fast.  Actually...I do know...Spring Break...Wedding...Easter.  BOOM!  It's crazy, really.  I keep thinking that life will slow down, but it's not.  It will though, right?

So was great!  We went up to CT to be with my parents.  Left on Saturday evening and came home Sunday night.  Whirl-wind trip.  But so worth it.

Before we left, I let the kids dye eggs: My least favorite tradition of the holiday.  Know what makes coloring eggs much less stressful?  Let them color the eggs OUTSIDE!  The weather was great, so I had them bring the stuff out to the driveway.  I gave them each 1/2 the eggs.  Then I went inside.  Ta Dah!  I couldn't care less about the eggs...or the mess!

Sunday morning we all headed to church in our "Easter Finest".  Cole and Eli even wore the Tuxes from Lindsay's wedding.  Hey, if a 2 1/2 year old can't wear a tux on Easter Sunday, when CAN he wear it?

Cole was NOT cooperative!  He had NO intention of letting me take a picture of him.  Grammy tried.  STILL not successful.

After church, a great lunch (thanks Mom!), and a nap for the triplets, we ventured back outside for a good old-fashioned egg hunt!  The triplet's first.  Oh boy.  Eli wasn't thrilled with the idea.  Two words: Melt Down.  Look at my attempt at a "Pre-Hunt Picture"...could Eli look any less excited?  Not to worry, he quickly caught on to the fun to be had by hunting for "More egg!"

After the hunt was over, the consuming began.  There were multiple times that my parents asked when we were going to cut them off.  Ummmm...well...I hadn't actually planned on cutting them off...

My favorite moment...Eli convincing Ava to share her jelly beans...(sorry about all the shadows, I'm still "perfecting" my SLR camera skills)

Lessons learned:
  1. Don't expect a Family Easter Picture for at least another 3 years.
  2. Less candy in each egg.
  3. Set the candy-eating expectations BEFORE the hunt begins.
  4. Oh...and count the eggs BEFORE you start hiding them.
  5. Always pack tar and home-improvement never know when your husband will be fixing a leak on the roof of your parents' home.

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