Sunday, April 26, 2009

LBI Highs and Lows

What a weekend!  I'm not even sure where to begin: the long ride down, the unexpected crab, the awesome weather, you name it...

High Points:
Weather to die for!  Thankfully, I caved during the packing process & let Zoe bring her bathing suit.  She was in it all day Saturday and most of Sunday, too.

Seeing Cole pick up every single seashell on the beach.  He had a slow start on the sand (not as bad as Eli & Ava...stay tuned...) but once he warmed up to the feel, he combed the beach and picked up every single shell that he saw.  I had to keep emptying out his bucket because it'd get to heavy.  I couldn't take ALL the shells though, cuz then he knew something was up and he would look for the shells.

The traditional trip to the lighthouse.  Lately, we've added another stop on the lighthouse trip: icecream!  So fun and so yummy.  No pictures, sorry...chasing babies was hard enough...I wasn't going to attempt to document it.
A first-time visitor (in addition to the triplets).  Bethany brought her "special friend", Phil!  He schooled us in Monopoly.  The boy had a savings account!  Who has a SAVINGS ACCOUNT in MONOPOLY?  He put hotels on Park & Broadway and cleaned us all out.

Harvey Cedars' playground.  We even got in a little baseball.

Low Points:
Two-long hours in a well-packed minivan. Eli wasn't bad...he was in the back row with the two big kids, so he was well entertained.  Ava & Cole...not so much.  I guess it wasn't the greatest timing, they were hungry and not interested in being buckled in.  I was very happy to let them free when we pulled in the driveway.

Eli's cold.  That's right...ELI!  He was the crabby one.  As a result of this attitude issue, he had a great dislike of the sand.  Great dislike.  He would not let anyone put him down on the sand.  He wouldn't even stand on the blanket on the sand.  Wouldn't sit in the sand chair.

Zoe's tumble in the ocean.  She wasn't the only one, either.  Friday afternoon, Noah got knocked over by a wave and was soaked within 30 minutes of getting to the house.  So, Saturday, when his bucket was washing out into the ocean, Zoe went in after it (since Noah was a little nervous).  She turned to show us that she got it and the wave got her...and she tumbled head-over-heels for a bit.  Thankfully, Shane went after her and got her back on her feet.  She was upset for a little bit, but quickly forgave the ocean and even put her feet in again!  I was so glad to have missed this event.  I would NOT have wanted to see the terror on Zoe's face.

It really wasn't that bad...having no "child-proofing" in the house.  Ava managed to get her finger shut in the door...but not until 15 minutes before we left on Monday!  I'd say, with the exception of Eli, it was a great time!


Following Him said...

Looks like HEAVEN...THANKS for sharing this beautiful vacation! So JEALOUS though :-)!

Amy said...

looks like you had a blast. we spent the day in ocnj yesterday and it was wonderful!!! so beautiful and so relaxing :) have a great week

MoodyMommy said...

Good Morning and Happy Monday SITS!!

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Helen said...

What a fun family vacation! I need to talk Nick into taking the boys on one of those... if you can do it with your 5 surely we can do it with "only" 3 :)

Kris said...

glad you were able to get out and enjoy the great weather! love the pics too.

beth said...

sounds great. however, th ecomment about the ride makes me a little nervous. we just booked a trip to the outerbanks for august. it is like a ten hour trip, with five kids. yikes!

Superhero Mom said...

Nice trip huh? I was exhausted after reading all of your fun! You do know in the blink of an eye they will be buckling themselves up, doing Highlights Magazine Hidden Pictures and well, the loudness never seems to go away and I still despise long trips, but it does get somewhat easier! I love how you always make me laugh!