Monday, April 6, 2009

Escape Artist

Mealtimes at our house are quite an experience.  Most days, I feel like a short order cook.  The "babies" usually eat before the big kids...who don't always eat the same thing that Shane and I eat.  So, usually, I give the triplets their dinner and then multi-task and work on the next meal to be served.  I pop around the corner every few minutes to see if their trays are empty.  And I FLY around the corner when I can hear food or sippy cups hitting the floor!

Lately, though, I've had to re-think this approach.

Lately, the Dining Room lights have taken on the appearance of strobe lights during triplet meal times.

The culprit?

That little "hoe-sha-peck" (okay...I don't think it's really a word, but Shane's Dutch Grandma uses it all the time and we've adopted it as alleged Dutch Slang for "stinker" and I've got NO idea how it should be spelled...sorry...) wiggles out of the completely buckled straps of her highchair! 

(I love how Eli's watching so closely...)


(Please don't look too closely at how badly the highchair needs to be cleaned!)

If I make the straps any tighter, she can't reach the food on her tray!

I guess that's why there's the warning label on the straps.  Must be time to give up on the multitasking!


Following Him said...

Maybe a SMART Escape artist!

beth said...

this sounds vaguely like dinner at our house. however, i have retired the highchairs and i bought a bench. the variety of meals is definitely familiar though. the worst part is...when i have a job, i'm a chef. so when i yell about everyone eating the same thing and say "do i look like yor personal chef here?" everyone kind of just looks at me and says, well, yeah.

Amy said...

too funny! don't you love when they become houdini?

Helen said...

She is seriously clever!

I am Harriet said...

How cute :)
Stopping by from SITS to say hello :)

Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

Quite a familiar scene here, also! Thank you for sharing :o)