Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Party Time

You're invited (virtually) to Cole, Eli and Ava's first birthday party! Surprisingly, I don't have a lot of party pictures. I guess I was too busy playing hostess. I did recruit Aunt Shannon to take pictures of "Cake Time", though.

The day was nice. It rained a little, but just a passing shower here and there. The temperature was PERFECT! We were so thankful that the heat wave had passed.

Shane made a GREAT "recap" video that really did a great job showing how far the babies have come and even had video clips from their birth, dedication, and random times through the year. Unfortunately, I can't post it here. Call me. We'll set up private viewings! =)

NOT surprisingly, not many people paid attention to my "no gifts" request. Some, followed the "one gift" rule. But many...well...many tiptoed across the line and just brought one HUGE gift, or ignored it all together and brought THREE gifts. Some thought they were slick and BROUGHT nothing...but had gifts shipped. Hmph! And these are people I'm hoping my children will respect, honor, obey, learn from, emulate, etc. What am I thinking? (Just kidding...we're so grateful and overwhelmed by all of your generousity!)

The Desserts:

(You can't really see the flag/sign with the names, but it's "Triple Strawberry Cake", "Triple Chocolate Marble Cake", and a bowl of Three Muskateers)

The Birthday Kids each had their own cupcake (served on the traditional "You Are Special Today" plate). There really wasn't anything spectacular about the cake eating event. We sang once and mumbled through the names. The babies sorta ate the cake. They definitely made messes, and I giggled at the "paparazzi" that was click click clicking away while the kids messed around with the cupcakes.


Their final "looks":


Jennifer said...

Way too cute!!! Nothing cuter than a good cake face, or three!

Dorinda said...

Happy 1st Birthday (again) - great photos - looks like you had a fun time. It's so amazing how fast it goes. Cute cakes and such a great idea :)

Here's to many more great years to come!

the schirano triplets said...

i love the invite! looks like they really enjoyed their cakes and you all had a great time! happy 1st birthday again!

Superhero Mom said...

Awesome! Happy 1st Birthday again! Looks like you had tons of fun (I loved the triple desserts)!

Helen said...

mmmmm.... sugar! I love the combo of the "Where'd the first year go?" and the picture on the invite. It's perfect!

I'll have to remember to pick up some 3 Muskateers for our party.

Proud Momma X 3 said...

They sure do make those cupcakes look yummy! LOL I love the triple dessert idea, very cute.