Saturday, August 16, 2008

Especially for Lindsay

Just some randomness... (i.e. I've got a ton of posts "in the hopper" but none are quite hopefully, this delay tactic will provide you wil some entertaining triplet information.  Plus, I know Lindsay is hoping for some videos clips.  We miss you, Linds and are praying for you everyday.  Hope all's well in Nicaragua!)

All three babies have been "cleared" to transition to whole milk.  There haven't been any issues, so far!  Yeah!  Ava's getting 50/50 milk & Pediasure (for the extra calories).  We're still taking formula at bedtime until we're finished with our final canister. 

Both boys have reached the 4 tooth threshold!  They are looking so cute as the teeth come in.  Such big boys!  Ava's cut one now she has two on the bottom. (The boys look a little strange in the pictures because the only way I can get them to show me their teeth is to lay them on their back and tickle until they're hysterical laughing!)

Eating has become quite an adventure.  We're working on more and more solids.  Although not all new foods have been enjoyed on the first try, the babies seem to always be willing to taste! 



Cole's walking has really taken off.  Everyday he's more confident.  The other day, he was walking around the family room with a ball in his hand. I called his name and he turned and giggled while continuing across the room.  He walked right into the automan...fell on his keester...and let out a belly laugh so contagious the whole family was cracking up! 

One last Cole update (he seems to be the only one with news, sorry): Aunt Shannon has been working on his "sniffing" face with him.  Despite my best efforts, it's impossible to get a good picture of.  I'm sure you'll get the gist with these shots...


Proud Momma X 3 said...

Love the videos! And the last two pics are hilarious, lol. I'm glad everybody's doing so great.

lindsay said...

So... the blog kind of made me cry! I miss them so much! I love the videos! The ones of Eli and Cole eating are hysterical! Thanks for the updates! It's fun to see them all... especially in action! Miss you!

Superhero Mom said...

Such fun reading this! They are so adorable. I read the one above too! Man you have some beautiful children - all 5!! I loved Ty's quote about "growing a beard" made me laugh hard!