Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CT for 24 hours

A few weeks ago (July 27 & 28), The Higby Gang loaded up the Odyssey & hit the road. Our destination? Grammy & Granddad’s house in CT. We haven't taken very many overnight trips as an entire family since the triplets were born. As a matter of fact, we’ve only gone to CT…back at Christmas! When the babies were just that...babies (i.e. not mobile). So this was going to be interesting. All 3 babies are crawling and Cole was trying to walk. But we were up for the challenge.

We headed north on Sunday evening. The kids did okay on the way up. They all fell asleep within a ½ hour of our departure. There were a few rough patches with crying babies waking up sleeping babies, but we battled through. Made one stop for food 1/2 way. Maybe that was our downfall - stopping. One of the boys woke up unhappy. I want to say it was Eli, but time's made my memory a bit fuzzy. Whoever it was really just wanted to roll over & go back to sleep, but car seats aren't really made to accommodate that desire. Thankfully, there was only an hour left in the ride and whoever it was fell asleep/calmed down at some point in that hour.
When we got to my parent's, I think 4/5 of the kids were awake...Ty was the only one sleeping. Grammy was so happy to be able to play with (most of) them for a bit before they were tucked in.

(My Mom's so smart...she put a gate right on the french doors to the sunroom.  PERFECT "Playroom"!)
(Somehow, Eli managed to trap himself under this chair...and was fine with it!)

Monday morning, we ventured out to Mystic Seaport. The weather was nice...hot..but nice. The breeze off the water saved the day! Of course, pushing 50+ pounds of kids in a gi-normous stroller didn't help cool me off any. Man, that thing is serious!

The “big kids” had a great time. Mystic has wonderful, kid-friendly hands on exhibits. Ty & Zoe loved the kid’s museum: Ty practiced fishing and Zoe learned to tie different knots. They didn't quite last through the planetarium presentation, but loved the play ground and art studio.

Next time, we’ll hit the aquarium. Just not enough time in the day.

After a quick stop at McDonald's (for much needed Ice Cream, Iced Tea & Iced Coffee snacks), we headed back to Grammy’s house for dinner, packed up, and headed back home. Not a very long trip, but fun and successful, none the less. With every trip, I feel more confident and ready for another.


Grammy and Grandad said...

...and a great 24 hours it was. Team Higby work so well together. We all had a great time. You-all come back now! (when Granddad is home)

Jennifer said...

Wow! That looks like a great place to vacation! Glad you all made it through :)

Deanna said...

Glad you got to make the trip. I can imagine it's alot of work just to pack everything. Looks like it was all worth it in the end.

In Oct. we are packing up 5 of our 6 kids and heading East to NH for a weekend. For us the drive is 18hours....AHHH!! We do it every year though. It's worth it to see family!!!

salli said...

How fun!!! Grandparents' is the best place for a vacation!

Kris said...

It sounds like you all had a fun time! We are only about 30 minutes from Mystic so next time you come up - we should get together! It would be great to see you!

Proud Momma X 3 said...

Great pictures! Looks like everyone had a blast.

Barclay 5 said...

Hey y'all! I am so glad for Myles! He just thinks Ty is great.
Your trip looked fun. Our drive proved to be more of a challenge for me than the kids! Go figure.

Love to all the Higbys!

Tara said...

Looks like a fun trip.
And your last comment...you're ready for another. Another what? Baby?