Thursday, August 7, 2008

By the Numbers

Days "Survived" = 366
Bottles Prepared = 5670
Diapers Changed = 7020
Pounds Gained = 48
Teeth Cut = 6
Pictures Taken = 2300 (approx.)
Haircuts Given = 0
Memories Made = Countless


Helen said...

That's a lotta pictures lady! I've only got about half of that and I thought I was snap-happy :) Congrats again on making it through the first year!

salli said...

That's an awesome post!

Proud Momma X 3 said...

holy cow, I knew it it bad but the bottles and diapers #'s are scary, lol.

Keith & Jessica said...

I love this post. Don't be surprised if I copy it in 4 months! :)