Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Break

What comes to mind?

Snap out of it Amy! You're a mom now. Spring Break has a WHOLE NEW MEANING! It now means you have to find ways to entertain your Kindergartner who's not used to being home all day...everyday! Yikes.

Yes, last week was Zoe's Spring Break. I survived. Barely. It was a nightmare. It was like Halloween, all over again. Every time I stopped short, Zoe would run into my backside! The girl REALLY needs to work on finding ways to entertain herself.

Praise the Lord for Lindsay! She did a great job keeping the kids busy with tons of fun. They did art projects, made cookies, experimented with recipes (peanut butter playdoh, anyone?), and went on outings (Unbelieva-bills).

Unfortunately for Ty, his week had an unexplainable illness for 24 hours. Out of NOWHERE, poor kid came in from riding his bike on Wednesday with a 103.2 fever. No other symptoms. No other complaints. Just a fever...that wiped him out. So, he laid in my bed and watched a triple-feature movie special: Madagascar, Curious George, & High School Musical. Never once fell asleep. But boy was he cozy. Every hour, his fever got lower. By morning, he was fine. Go figure.

Shane & I were feeling a little guilty that there wasn't anything spectacular planned for Zoe's break. He's been working really hard lately. I've been crazy busy with the babies. We really thought it would be a great time to go away for a night or something with the big kids, but that week was the end of the fiscal year at Shane's work, so it just couldn't be done. Instead, we decided to take them out to dinner on Thursday and then to their first "Movie Theater Movie": Horton Hears a Who.

I was nervous. Yes, this is Seuss. Yes, it's a "G" movie. But this is ZOE! It took 5-6 attempts at Finding Nemo until she actually watched it (and even still, she hides her face or leaves the room at some of the more "scary" parts). She won't watch Curious George - she gets nervous because he gets into trouble!

Still, we thought it would be fun.

Sure enough, 5 minutes into the movie...she was begging to leave. Thankfully, I had my phone. I let her play with it. It worked! She sat on my lap and anytime she got a little nervous or scared, she typed away on my phone or drew pictures! When the scare was over, she was back into the movie! There were some tears at the end. (Yes, actual tears.) ***SPOILER ALERT*** She was heartbroken that the flower with Who-ville was going to be dropped into the boiling liquid. But, she made it through the whole movie...and even commented that she wanted to go to the theater again someday! Of course, she wants to see My Friends Tigger & Pooh on the big screen next time.


Sullins' Spot said...

Too much fun! I feel the same way when my kids are out for school like that! Because of the recent move they were out for 3 weeks and I was so excited when school days arrived again! We are planning to take our three to the movies this weekend to watch Horton! Glad to hear it was good! I am sending your Thirty-One package in the morning! Talk to you soon!
Amy in AR

Dorinda said...

We took the kids to that movie last week on their spring break and they really liked it. So did Kirk and I - gotta love laughing at kid's movies :) Glad you got some time with the older two - it's so important isn't it??

Susiewearsthepants said...

My youngest is nine, I cleverly told her the week before that she could make plans for spring break to spend time with her friends. I took the week off from work to be at home. That allowed her to make plans b/c I was home to drive her around. Peace reigned through the house! BTW-The kids are so cute!