Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pretty Typical...but news in our house...

There are 1001 other things I should be blogging about (such as the triplet's 6-month developmental evaluation), but alas, I'm about to share a story that only slightly varies from one that most every mom can tell:

Zoe rides the bus to & from Kindergarten everyday. On the way home, there are only 2 little girls on that bus. That's right - - - TWO! And today, that made it rather easy to figure out what happened. Only, it took me 2 hours to notice their activity of the day.

Since deciding that she wants to grow out her bangs (a decision that was made last summer), Zoe's taken a keen liking to headbands. Her current person favorite, is a fairly new one that ties behind her neck. Sometimes, in her haste to tie it, Zoe gets her hair stuck in the knot. That's what I thought happened this afternoon. Oh no...you just caught on to where I'm headed here.

Yes, there was a haircut!

So there was an emergency trip to Supercuts.

Apparently, the other girl on the bus asked if she could cut Zoe's hair. And, apparently, Zoe said "no". But, apparently, that didn't end the conversation. Thus, there was a new hairstyle. At least there will be fewer knots to brush out in the morning. Personally, I think it's a cute "summer do".

There was a phone call to the other mother and then a phone call back from the "hair dresser" apologizing. But the call that lasted the longest (& probably was the loudest) was the one I made to the transportation department. How can a bus driver, who's only got 2 little girls on his bus, not notice that 1) there are scissors on his bus & 2) they're being used to cut hair!?!?!? Does this freak anybody else out? I'm really glad it wasn't her BANGS that were being re-styled.


Kris said...

Hi Amy,
I can't believe that the driver didn't notice anything! However - her new haircut is just right for spring. Looking forward to hearing about the triplet's eval.

Susiewearsthepants said...

I am speechless about the bus driver thing, but the new do looks really good!

Sullins' Spot said...

Let's just say...been there, done that! That was before my blogging days though :O) The new hairstyle is very cute!
Hope you have a good tomorrow (and no new hairstyles!)

Alida said...

Know the feeling....at least it didn't end up a "Pixie do" My middle one decided one day (when he was 4) to give his sister a haircut.....They'd been playing in the living room and all was quiet. Then it dawned on me, too quiet. That's when I found the new hair stylist and the customer. Don't worry. It does grow back. However, the new do on Zoe sure makes her look all grown up. I think it's real cute. As for the bus driver.....I'd certainly say something. Hope you're having a better day.

Helen said...

My first thought when reading your post was "didn't the bus driving look back in his mirror at ALL during the ride?!" Her new haircut looks very cute though :)

the schirano triplets said...

her new haircut looks adorable! but, i would be completely furious about the bus driver. only 3 kids and he fails to notice a hair cut. come on!

i gave myself a hair cut once. okay, twice. both times it turned out horrible. the 1st time i ended up with bangs about 1/4 of an inch long. the second time was even worse!

salli said...

Oh my goodness! That's pretty crazy. I do think Zoe looks adorable but I can't believe that it started on the bus. I thought it'd happen when Ava was ready to try out scissors on her sister (or vice-versa).

Susie James said...

Hi Amy,
I just found your wonderful cute blog on your family and well, I just had to comment and thought this entry was the best place to put my comment. Well, this is a story you will always remember from kindergarten.

Your family is precious and Zoe is a joy to have in my class!