Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ten Years of Marriage & Our Saturday Nights Still Rock!

Don't worry...I'm fully aware that this is a family friendly blog. You're not about to get TMI (that's "Too Much Information" for those of you who don't speak the language of initials).

We finished our house addition around the time that Ty was learning to crawl. So, having a baby so close to the carpet never skeeved me out. Until now. Now it's 4 years later. Now I have, not one, but THREE little people rolling and scooting on the carpet. They don't stay on the cute little play mats anymore. Especially Ava. She's about 3 days away from crawling (code blue since all the gates aren't up yet). Aside from Zoe & Ty needing to stop bringing choking hazards into the Family Room, I need to start making sure shoes are being removed when people come into the house. Especially now.

See, a few weeks ago, I got sick of the dirt spots on our carpet. So, while I he was out getting haircuts with the big kids, Shane went to Shoprite and rented one of their steam vacuums. Then, I went to a birthday party with Zoe & Ty, and he took all the furniture out of the Family Room and vacuumed it REALLY REALLY REALLY well. Once ALL the kids were down for the night, we steamed away. The carpet looks SO much better now. Not quite 100%, but I don't feel bad now about Cole, Eli & Ava being so close to it on a daily basis.

It may not be the wild and crazy Saturday night I dreamed I'd be having, but it was one that warmed the depths of my heart (I'm pathetic...)


Sullins' Spot said...

I actually have a picture of my husband doing the exact same thing before our 2 year old started crawling! Don't you love content, married life! :O) Hope you are having a great evening!


aura said...

i didnt know shoprite rents them. i think we may follow suit and do that for our ex playroom ,now our nursery before our little guy arrives!!! thanks for the idea....on how to have a rockin sat nite!!!!

ps. i was the annonymous comment on the last post, by mistake i posted without my name....oops

Dorinda said...

Oh come on, a little dirt doesn't kill them!! Kidding. I had our carpets replaced instead. Our old carpets grossed me out. Now, however, I'm more worried about spots so maybe I should've waited :)

Enjoy your romantic evenings!!

salli said...

Joy in the little things, right? Glad you had such an awesome weekend!