Sunday, March 16, 2008

SO Proud of My Little Chef Friend!

First, I should probably explain, I'm not really sure she considers me a friend. See, she's really my Sister-in-law's friend, that I've taken on as my own. Believe it or not, I've known her since she was in high school, and I actually even taught her Sunday School Class at one time. But I'm living vicariously through her at the moment! (See, one of my favorite shows is Top Chef and I totally think she should topic.) She recently opened a business on Etsy (I didn't know what it was either, but I think I'm starting to figure out it's an online store for people who make their wares.) Anyway, back to my "friend"...

Always Order Dessert is the name of her store. After reading a few of her recipes and talking to my SIL, she sounds like an AMAZING cook. I have to make another admission: I've never actually EATEN anything she's made. But take a look at her blog. You'll be right there with me...ready to order cookies for Sunday's Easter dessert, too.

So PLEASE...take a little gander at her Etsy store & while you are there, you can see so many other handmade goodies, too.


Alejandra said...

Wow!! Thanks so much for the kind words and plug, Amy!! And OF COURSE I consider you a friend too, even if you were my Sunday School teacher at one point. I think you were my favorite, actually, too... lol Actually I think I know more about you these days than my other friend, your sister in law! ;)

Alexa said...

I just went on her blog, and those rainbow cookie things are my new craving. I just saw her parents during the holidays, and Gideon made her dad laugh. Anyway, I am a HUGE Top Chef fan, and now I know who to talk about it with.