Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bad Blogger...Bad Blogger!

I'm so sorry it's been so quiet on this side of the fence the past few days. I promise I'll have great stories this week like: "The Triplets' 1st Easter That Wasn't", "Why Ty's Wearing a Band Aid on his Forehead", "The Exciting Ways We Spend our Saturday Nights", etc.

But for now, I'm just REALLY thankful that this week is over! Aside from the highlight of seeing my parents, there just isn't anything positive and uplifting to write about. Sorry!

So...we'll make long stories short:

  • Ava has her first ear infection...and bronchiolitis (whatever that is) so she's on tons of meds (fun)
  • Shane was in Thailand all week
  • Cole & Eli both have colds too (Please Lord, keep it out of their ears and chest)
  • American Express are morons
  • Bergen County (NJ) moms need to calm down about their kids' YMCA swimming schedules
  • The UConn Huskies have left me heartbroken with their NCAA Tournament performance (or lack thereof)

You get the picture. But I DID say that I had a great time with my folks, right? I love watching them with my kids (especially my Dad, because he turns to mush). "Granddad" & Ty spent an hour and a half at the library on a rainy day reading tons and tons of books. Ty had blast! Plus, he got to ride in Granddad's van...a big highlight!

So for now, I'm going to go celebrate my Risen Savior and thank Him that his mercies are new EVERY morning, Hallelujah!

Have a wonderful Easter, everybody!


salli said...

Happy Easter to you too! I'm sorry that the babies were sick again. We need spring!!!!!

Anonymous said...

we missed you and the trips at church. didnt see ty's bandaid, hope he is better. thank goodness for grandparents who can lighten the load.
His mercies will be new tomorrow PTL!!!!