Monday, March 24, 2008

As Promised...

The Triplet's First Easter that Wasn't

It's really quite simple: I've been in denial for the past 7 months. No more. It's truth time. I've got triplets. I can't POSSIBLY do everything. Sometimes, I'm going to be disappointed. Sometimes, I'm not going to be in control. Sometimes, what I want, isn't what's going to happen!

In this case, the plan that didn't come to fruition was cute little, coordinated Easter Outfits and trip to church for the whole family. This would, of course, be followed by an afternoon at my in-laws (complete with egg hunt) and an evening at home watching Season 3 of LOST (We're late-comers to the Lost we're very thankful for Netflix).

The triplets never made it out of the house Sunday. Saturday night was a rough one. Ava's still not feeling well. Cole's not sleeping so great either (must be the congestion). Needless to say, Shane & I didn't sleep that great either. The first thing to go was the outfits. Zoe & Ty got to wear theirs, though.

Nana gave Zoe gloves, so of course, Zoe wore them, along with all the pink accessories she could find (including the pink sunglasses she got in her Easter basket) and the "click clack", high-heeled shoes that she made me search the mall for on Saturday.

Notice Ty's bandaid? Long story short - He and the neighbor boy were playing Saturday afternoon, and somehow Ty was hit in the head with a shovel. I'm just thankful it wasn't worse. He didn't even go for stitches (although he probably could have used one or two.)

Next to go? Church. Shane took the big kids, I stayed home with 2 very crabby babies and Eli. Ava's got a diaper rash (probably from the antibiotics) so bad that it makes me queasy. When they got home from church, I packed up "the big kids" and went to Easter dinner at Shane's folks'. The egg hunt was first...and it was a hit! Since Shane missed dinner, Mom & Dad brought all the desserts to our house for a 2nd round of yummies. By the time that visit was over, we were too exhausted to watch more than 1 episode of Lost (which ended in a totally cliff-hanger).

So, there aren't any cute pictures of Cole, Eli & Ava. The jury's still out as to whether or not I return the unused outfits or save them for next weekend when we head up to CT.

24 hours has helped me get over the disappointment of missing a pretty big "first".

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Amy Sullins said...

I have to are a brave and wonderful woman! Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog! It has allowed me to read through yours. You have your hands full, I am sure! I can't imagine. If you don't mind, I would love to add you to my blogroll! Your blog is encouraging and so honest! Love it! I have a friend with 2 older girls and quads! I am sure she would love to see your blog as well! I will be praying that your three little ones feel better soon! Have a wonderful day!
Amy Sullins