Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Patriotic Chapel...Again!

Every year, each grade level is responsible for one "special" chapel at Eastern Christian Elementary School.  This year, the 2nd Grade (Zoe's class) did Thanksgiving Chapel. When Zoe was in Kindergarten, it was Christmas Chapel (holy cow, have I really been blogging that long?) and First Grade was Patriotic Chapel.  Every year, the chapels shuffle up.

This is Ty's first year having a chapel responsibility as a class.  And guess what the Kindergarten was dealt...Patriotic Chapel!  Not to worry, they were much different than Zoe's Memorial Day interpretation last year.  Yesterday was his big day...

Ty was VERY excited, to say the least.  He could barely sleep the night before.

The kids each were dressed to represent an aspect of our culture.  Ty was an American Indian.

Mrs. Johnston (Ty's teacher) and Mrs. Boonstra (the aide)

These brave women did an excellent job...keeping the 20 crazy Kindergartners from poking each other's eyes out with the flags...helping the kids learn and perform.  Ty was nervous, I could tell.  The hands in the pockets was a dead giveaway!

We all were proud of our kids.  Even Zoe said Ty did a good job!

Thank you, Mrs. Johnston!

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