Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Update #1 - Hunter Mountain

Yes, it's been almost a week since Memorial Day...but we've been busy...

I promise I'm keeping really good notes on any progress.  The potty-training post will come...eventually!

For now, I return you to our original programming..Memorial Day Weekend...

Nothing kicks the summer off better than a good old fashion road trip, right?  When we were invited up to my Aunt and Uncle's "Country House" in Hunter, NY for the day Saturday, we couldn't wait.  Okay, maybe that's a bit of an overstatement...I was slightly worried...but was still excited...honest!

We loaded up and were on the road at the crack of dawn by 10:30.  In just under 2 hours, we were on one of the most beautiful roads in the Northeast...Route 23...heading up the mountain.  It was breath-taking...view and Shane's driving!  Seriously, he was so busy pointing out rivers, mountains and waterfalls to the kids that he wasn't even watching the double yellow line.  This is about the point that I really wished I'd insisted on driving!

We arrived safely and hit the ground running.  Actually, it was more like...tip-toeing. They shyly (is that a word) explored the house and walked around the yard while the rest of us got lunch set up.  Zoe had barely swallowed her last bite and she was off with (my cousin) Louise to the river.  Sure enough, children started following...

Helen and Cole just checkin' things out

Ava and "Ma Puh-dool"

Shane couldn't collect rocks fast enough for Cole to throw.  At least he was polite and would give one to Helen, too, "One you...One me..."

Eli liked helping Aunt Georgia keep track of any wildlife that was collected (i.e. Minnows) 

You'll never guess who was the first to fall in...I won't say his name, but it starts with a T and ends with a Y.

Cole and Uncle Tim checking out the view down river

Ava scooped water like it was her job.

Louise and Zoe




Grammy and Granddad

After everyone was sufficiently wet, it was back up to the house for some DRY relaxing time.

Some gardened...

Uncle Steven

Some played baseball...

Some read on the porch...

Helen and Ava learned all about the crazy adventures of Curious George

And some drew next year's fashion lines...

After dinner, there was another trip down to the river for the crazy kids and the crazy cousins (i.e. those over 3 y.o. and under 30 y.o.).

By 730p, we were back on the road, headed home.  What a success the day was.  Even without naps, the triplets were pleasant and well-behaved.  We had minimal meltdowns and no real temper tantrums.  No more than 10 miles down the road, all "babies" were sleeping and it didn't take long for Zoe and Ty to follow suit.

It was a great time with family...the way all holiday weekends should start!  Thanks so much for your hospitality, Aunt Georgia and Uncle Steven.  A big shout out to Louise and Helen, too.  Without you guys, Zoe and Ty would have been begging for fun parents, or Shane and I would be recovering from hypothermia.


Megan said...

Sounds like you had a great memorial day!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog so much! I love all the pics, especially that with the kids on potties, and the others with them having fun are great too!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog so much! Your kids are so cute!