Friday, August 7, 2009

When Weather Doesn't Cooperate go with Plan B!

We headed up to CT last Friday for a minor-league baseball game with Granddad and Grammy. No, the triplets wouldn't actually go to the game...we had a brave soul say she'd watch them so Shane and I could have some "big kids only" time.

So that was the plan. The only problem? It rained! So there wasn't a game.

Instead, we went out to dinner (Five Guys...yum!) and went bowling and laughed...a lot!

This is Ty's first method (with Granddad as the Bowling Instructor):

This is Ty's second method. He and Granddad decided to give it a try after Ty fell on his bum and the rest of us couldn't breath because we were laughing so hard as he stood there rubbing it, waiting for the ball to travel (slowly) to the pins:

We used the gutter bumpers and STILL, I only managed to beat Zoe by 2!

By the 6th or 7th frame, Zoe was slightly distracted by the arcade games.

How's this for a scary vision of my life in 10 years?

Saturday was nice and sunny, so we ventured to the soggy backyard for some morning playtime before heading back home.

We even managed to take updated "Tree Pictures". Grammy and Granddad planted trees for each of their grandkids when they were born (little did they know of God's plan for a forest).

(Ty's tree is a White Birch)

(Zoe's tree is a Japanese Maple...sorry that it grows slow, Zoe!)
The triplets don't have tree's yet, but there is a plan. I wish I could think of something creative like a "triplet tree" or something...but I'm drawing a blank! Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Three flower maple? It is an actual tree.

Deborah said...

How about the triplet group invests in some land & we start an orchard. We can sponsor apple picking events of our own, etc. LOL.... ummm sounds pretty cool actually ;-)

Deborah said...

I really think the triplet group should invest in some land & we should start an orchard. We can sponsor our own apple picking events, etc. LOL