Monday, August 10, 2009

Date Night...sorta!

Before we had the triplets, Shane and I talked about having Kid Date Nights (KDNs) each month.  One month, I'd go out with Zoe while he was out with Ty and the next month, we'd switch.  The night's activities would be up to the kid (somewhat).  This isn't an original idea, lots of parents do this.  But then...we had 3 little babies and we thought KDNs couldn't happen.

We were wrong. 

They're just different.

And not quite monthly (since this is the first time we've done it.)

Friday night (8/7/09), Shane and Ty went to the NJ Jackals game.  It was a men's event with our church.  A great night at a minor league baseball game.  As they were getting in the car to leave, Ty let me know that he would be rooting for the "Jumbles"..."Let's go JUMBLES!"  Zoe was sure to correct him to let him know that it was actually the "Jackals" that he should root for...and quickly asked, "what's a Jumble, anyway, Ty?"

Based on the text messages I got from Shane, Ty ate his way through the game: Chicken, French Fries, Gatorade, Potato Chips, and 2 cones of Cotton Candy.  Yup.  Sounds like a lot of junk and sugar to me too!  Did I mention that all that was consummed by the 8th inning when they left?  The game was "Jackals Tshirt night" plus PopPop Higby caught a Jackals mask for Ty in-between innings.  Great souvenirs of his best buddies was there...Myles!  Ty couldn't have been happier!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (without the camera), Zoe and I put the babies down and popped in a movie: Princess Protection Program.  We had a few snacks...but nothing compared to the boys.  Once the movie was over, we headed up to sleep in our big bed: a treat for Zoe..she couldn't wait to "take Dad's spot" and make him sleep somewhere else.

It was a lot of fun to hang out with one kid.  I really liked just saying "yes" to Zoe's every request.  Honestly, it got to a point that I OFFERED Ice Cream...and she said "no"!

Hopefully, this becomes a regular thing.  Once a month isn't THAT hard to do, is it?

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Alexis! said...

That sounds like a ton of fun for the kids :)