Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ava Day

Last...but certainly not least...Miss Ava!  You loved that NICU, Ava.  Stayed there a total of 25 days.  Finally, we got to take you home on August 29th.  Our family was complete!


4.5 lbs.


21 lbs.

A Glimpse of Ava...

Our Diva
The Peanut
A Feather-weight

Don't let her size fool you: She can easily out-eat her brothers!  Of course, that's when she's not chewing on her cozy.  Most kids carry their blankets or snuggle with their dolls.  Ava likes to stuff the face of her cozy into her mouth.  Yum, right?

Another nickname that has stuck is "Shay Shay".  We're convinced Ava speaks Chinese.  At least it sounds like it to us.  After a few episodes of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan on Noggin, Ava repeated "Xie Xie" ("Shay-Shay"...Chinese for "Thank You").  I'm sure she talks...but just can't be heard above the noise of her siblings.  She responds to anything you ask.  She even throws away dirty diapers and puts dirty clothes in the laundry basket.  She points out any body part you ask her to...most recently learning "elbow".  It's really fun to ask her where Cole or Eli's belly is...especially when they're wearing onesies.  She doesn't stop until she SEES that belly button!

It's taken 2 years, but Miss Ava is finally sporting some hair that Mommy and Lindsay can put a crazy ponytail in.

Her most famous move is the "Jump and Sit".  I haven't successfully gotten it on video.  She jumps up and down and then lands flat in the sitting position...feet out in front of her.  OUCH!  I promise to work on getting it on video to post.

Ava LOVES the outdoors.  But this girlie-girl's prissi-ness stops at the backdoor.  She's all about the rocks, mud, mulch, and mess outside.

Favorite Words:
Well.  I'm not really sure...
"Ty Ty"
"...ish come la bah it wah no boh..."


Grammy and Granddad said...

Grammy and Granddad are so glad you are finally out of the NICU. You are a delight to all of us.

salli said...

Oh Miss Ava...she is just too cute!