Thursday, September 11, 2008

Two More Firsts...Poor Ava

It was LONG overdue, but we FINALLY cut Eli's hair.  I know some of you will be disappointed (now that the hair's gone, I'm finding out that some people actually liked it long).  While we were at it, we cut Cole's too.  I fought for a professional cut, but Shane insisted he could do it.  I guess you'll have to decide who was right (not that I'm taking a poll or even keeping score!)



The Challenge
Well, Eli didn't really sit still (not that we expected him to).  He sat on my lap and ate cheerios for a good 20 minutes.  The problem was, there was SO much hair, that the haircut took at least a 1/2 hour.  We played with a few toys as much as possible, but finally just decided it was "good enough".  We stripped him down and bathed him off in our bathroom sink.

Well...there is not official "Before" picture.  Shane got scissor happy while I was giving Eli a quick bath.  So here's a picture of Cole from a day or two before the haircut.


The Challenge
Again, we didn't expect a cooperate client.  Shane sat Cole on his lap, gave him the bowl of cheerios (which was promptly flipped over), and started cutting.  Cole didn't have NEARLY as much hair as Eli, so it went a little faster, but still wasn't all that easy.


Proud Momma X 3 said...

OMG! We cut Brody's hair today too! It was a little sad and I'm going to miss those curls but he had a tendancy to play with his hair while he ate. So this morning when I found half of a cinnamon roll stuck to the side of his head I was done, lol.

You look great boys!

Mom Christgau said...

Well done Shane! Just Amy can buy a new pair of shoes with all the money you saved!!! The boys look are very brave to cut hair on a moving target.

Alida said...

So Shane has a 2nd occupation? I can't believe how much older they look....When do they start school....tomorrow? Watch out....for all the girls.

Barclay 5 said...

OK Amy, Tag!

Kris said...

I love the new looks!

Barron Triplets said...

They look so grown up with their big boy hair cuts

Hilary said...

Soo cute! Love the new hair do's! have a great weekend :)