Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Safety First!

Fitting 5 carseats in a minivan caused quite a bit of stress a year ago.  I suppose, in most cases, a family of 5 kids wouldn't have 5 in carseats, but we do.  And it was quite a stretch to get them all to fit just right.

Three infant carriers across the middle row with Zoe and Ty in the back.  Since the carriers come in and out, the seats can still fold forward so Zoe and Ty can get in the back.

But here's the issue now...they're too big for the infant carriers.  How do you get 3 "next stage" carseats and 2 boosters in a minivan and still be able to get INTO the back seat? gather all the carseats you own, take them apart and wash the covers.

Then you shuffle seats in and out of the car in various configurations until you get something that works.

Poor Ava, the only one still facing backward.  She's got another 4 pounds until she gets to see what's coming her way.  Yes, we can fit Zoe and Ty's boosters in the backseat with Eli's carseat, but Zoe has to squat to buckle...then put her seat down...and then  she can sit!
Only two more years to go until Zoe can get rid of her booster...


Dorinda said...

We are in exactly the same boat :) Though Kaitlyn was just able to get rid of her booster when she turned 8 in July. We had the same configuration when the girls were in their car seat carriers. Now they are in their facing forward seats so we have Kaitlyn, baby, baby in the middle then Caleb and baby in the back with a space in the middle. This way every can buckle themselves in. We went back and forth about how they should be in but this seems to work.

Hope it works for you :)

the schirano triplets said...

oh my gosh, i thought our configuration was hard to do...but this looks way too complicated for me! lol!

Superhero Mom said...

I'm very confused! It does look way complicated. You must have to always leave like 15 minutes early just so you can get everyone in car. Oh, man...I just thought of winter and all of those snowsuits! I am so thankful that we mostly wear shorts where I live. I think you need a degree in engineering just to get your kids in their seats! I can see you doing this Amy, and all with a smile! You make me smile too Amy!

Jennifer said...

We had to upgrade to a 12 passenger van when we had our 5th. It was just impossible to 5 kids dog and stuff. Other than the crazy gas consumption I love it!