Thursday, May 8, 2008

So Much to Blog, So Little Time

I'm not really sure where to start!? This might be a slight roundabout post but it all revolves around the triplets turning 9-months-old! Where on earth did 9 months go?

First things first, guess what Ava & Eli decided to do this week? They FINALLY caught on to the fact that Cole holds his own bottle and, therefore, gets to eat a little faster than them. So...they held their bottles! Don't get too excited, the Diva has since decided that holding her own bottle is too much work.

Then, this morning, a certain...triplet...decided to STAND UP in their crib! I walked into the room, and Mr. Cole was just standing there...talking to Eli. What? Standing? Oh. No. Here we go. I can't take it.

Today, "the gang", as I like to call them, went to the doctor for their checkup. I sure hope you're sitting down because here come their stats:

Princess Ava: 15.6
Sir Eli: 18.5
Master Cole: 23.7

Yes, you read that correctly, there is an 8 lb. 1 oz. weight difference between Ava & Cole. That's the size of a newborn baby!

They all received WONDERFUL reports. They are going for head ultrasounds, but just as a precaution. The doctor was a little concerned with the growth rate of their noggins. Not overly, so, since I have big headed babies! The biggest concern is Ava: her head's in the 90th percentile, but her body's in the 10th. The ultrasounds are scheduled for Tuesday. Please keep us in your prayers.


mom0ktdid said...

I have been there....with the tests because of the "big head" thing. Our daughter had the same "issue." The conclusion was that the doctor finally measured my and my husband's heads and said, "well, you all have big heads!" :)
I said a prayer for you all!

the schirano triplets said...

oh my goodness, i cannot believe how big they are getting, especially cole! happy 9 months eli, ava & cole! i am glad to hear their appt went well, and i will keep them in my prayers for the head u/s!

Dorinda said...

Wow! Maybe that's the difference a boy makes. Julianna has never been more than 4 pounds bigger then Rachel. Good weights. Sounds like they are doing great and we will pray for little Ava...

aura said...

the diva needs a good place to rest her crown...on her perfect head. doesnt look big to me. see you sunday for mothers day. if i had an award i would give you mom of the year :)

Kris said...

Everybody is getting so big! I hope that everything goes smoothly for all the u/s. The kids all look great! Please keep us posted. Happy Mother's Day !

Superhero Mom said...

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Mother's Day Amy!

gesswein said...

we had big headed babies too, and again like another blog reader noted, upon measuring our heads, it was acknowledged that big heads run in the family... happy mother's day