Monday, May 5, 2008

Guess Who Won the Race?

Not that it was REALLY a race, but Eli won...for once! Poor kid, he can't push himself up to sit yet (Cole & Ava can...Ava won). He isn't as mobile as the others (Cole won with this Army Crawl). He can't (or won't) hold his bottle (Cole does). He WAS the first to roll over...but that was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when.

He won this time, though!

One little tiny toofer is stickin' through his gums! Yeah Eli! Way to go!

I didn't take any pictures. There's a ton of drool still, you can't really see the tooth yet, and every time you attempt to open his mouth, he sticks out his tongue!

There seems to be more on the way, too. It looks like the 2nd tooth will arrive any day!


the schirano triplets said...

yay eli, way to go cutting the 1st tooth! isn't it all a race with 3?

we are still waiting on teeth around here. lots of drool, zero teeth.

Helen said...

Yay to Eli!

Not only did he beat his siblings, but he beat my boys too :)

Kris said...

Way to go Eli! Please don't drool too much for mom!