Monday, January 7, 2013

4 out of 5

I really don't feel like blogging tonight.  But, just like working out, that's the best time to do it, right?  You see, it's "one of those days".  A day when having 5 kids is thrown under a magnifying glass and I wonder, how on earth, I'm expected to survive.

Let me set the stage:

Shane is at CES.  He's gone every January since I can remember.  Before we were married.  It's what happens when you work in Consumer Electronics.  You're expected to go to the "Consumer Electronics Show" every year. Did I mention that CES is in Las Vegas?  Yup...the other side of the country.  And he's gone all week. 

When the little ones were, well, little, I would never attempt a week solo with all 5 kids.  Even last year, I think I had my mom come down from CT to help during the week for a few days. But this year, they're in school.  Full day.  I can do this. I don't need help. How hard can it be?

Famous. Last. Words.

Shane left Sunday morning.  Ty had 2 basketball games that day. Ty mentioned he didn't feel well, but he's a Nervous Nelly.  I dismissed his complaints when he assured me he wanted to play. With the help of Nana (Shane's mom) I juggled games and kids and got to watch Ty score 6 points (his personal best) in the first game.  He was flying high! Dinner was served on time. Kids got their stuff ready for school on Monday...backpacks...outfits...everything...and were in bed by 7:30 and 8:00.  We were off to a great start.

And then...I went to bed.  What a horrific night of sleep.  4 out of 5 kids came into my room between 1a and 5a.  But no one had any huge issues: Ava had a bad dream, Ty was thirsty, Zoe's ear hurt, Cole woke up from Eli's snoring...etc.  Still, it wasn't the WORST night I'd had.

Then I woke the kids up for school.

Cole woke up with flushed cheeks and I knew immediately he had a fever.  I was right...102.4.  He'd be home with me for the day.  Cancel my plans.  Manage my expectation.  Juggle some promises.  We'd be fine. Poor kid had to be dragged to drop off anyway, but he had a good attitude.  We stopped at the store on the way home to get him some snacks and then headed to the library to pick up Zoe's project research books that were waiting at the front desk.  We didn't make it out of the Stop & Shop parking lot before my cellphone rang: School down! Ty was in the office with 102 or so fever.  Seriously?  It wasn't even 8:30a!

Back to school to pick up sick son #2.

Got them situated in the Family Room.  I put on a movie...and then another...and eventually...they conked out.

At 2:00, the phone rang again: I'm not kidding when I say that for a split second I thought "there's no way that's Nurse ChiChi."  Guess what?  I was wrong. And the shocking part? It was Eli!  He was perfectly FINE this morning.  But now...102+ fever...and sleeping comfortably in the nurse's office.  "No need to make a special trip," she said, "just wait until you pick up the others at the end of the day in 50 minutes."

I'd already arranged with Nana for her to come hang with the sickies while I picked up the healthies.  So I called her back and updated her with the latest.  No worries, she'd come a little early so I could take off asap. I decided the boys needed to be quarantined.  I set the boys up in my room so they could watch TV and still be comfortable...and got the couch ready for Eli.

When we got home around 3:20, I brought him right up to join the others.  When I came back down, I thought "I'm good".  I can do this.  Just have to deal with the boys. Girls are easy.  I can do this. 

Then Zoe reminded me that her ear hurt...still!

Nana volunteered to stay and encouraged me to take Zoe to the walk-in.  Sure enough...ear infection.  Seriously?  How much more can I take????

Poor Ava...she's the only one 100% healthy...

...but it IS only Monday!

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