Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm Definitely Getting Old

Remember back when Lindsay got married (maybe it only SEEMS like thousands of years ago to me).  Anyway, Shane brought Zoe and Ty tubing while I was at the rehersal with the triplets. We'd talked about bringing them for awhile, so I was pretty excited to hear all about it.  I made sure to give Shane the camera before he left along with explicit instructions on documenting all the fun!  Here's what I got (don't blink):

Did I mention it was 18 degrees?

This is the line.  Apparently, only one tow-rope was working (hence the vouchers for a free tubing session.)

I'm guessing this is chocolate, maybe?

Apparently, the cold weather made it tough to take the camera out of a jacket pocket and even more difficult to push the shutter button.

As you can see from those pictures, I COMPLETELY knew what to expect when I took Zoe and Ty to use the vouchers on Friday.  They had the day off school because it was the end of the quarter, and the school gives the teachers the day to work on report cards.  It wasn't too crowded (since most normal schools were in session).  It wasn't too cold.  I had NO idea what I was getting into!

Myles with his mom, Tracy Catherine!

Thankfully, we ran into 2 really good friends of the kids: Maeve and Myles.  We grabbed our tubes and headed for the "tow rope".  What exactly is a tow rope?  No idea.  I'd only been in a ski lift...when I was SKIING!  I didn't know the whole tubing process...

For those of you curious: it's a rope that the tube hooks on to and pulls you up the hill...

It was actually quite relaxing.  I think they could get a lot more Moms and Dads to participate if they served hot drinks on the ride up the hill!

When I got to the top, I asked for the slow lane...the guy giggled!  Apparently, there was no "slow lane".  That's when I noticed that there were rubber mats down at the bottom of the hill to slow the tubes down and help them stop.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?  I suddenly had no desire to lay down on this inflated tube and hurl my ___lb. body at uncontrollable speeds down a hill and HOPE those (multiple) rubber mats would stop me before I ran into the orange construction fence.  I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too old for this.  But one look to my left reminded me that my 5 year old was staring...waiting for me to go.


I screamed and (nervously) laughed the entire way down.  I also dragged the tip of my boots to slow me down.  Yes, I'm a scaredy cat!  Still...I was flying!  I never was a fan of physics: the bigger you are...the faster you go.  Why didn't I start my diet earlier?  Let's just say there are NO pictures of me on a tube.  Despite the fact that I was forced to go excitedly went down multiple times!

Here's some video of Ty and Zoe...



Unfortunately, about half way through the session, I could tell Ty didn't feel well.  He just didn't look right.  We went inside by the fire and played some games on my phone.

It didn't work.  He was sad.  There were tears.  He wanted to go home.  Thankfully, Tracy offered to keep Zoe with her and drop her off after the session ended.  Ty's day, however, ended cozy in my bed...


Tina said...

Oh what a fun day. Too bad Ty didn't feel good towards the end but he sure loos cozy snuggled in bed.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Tubing is so much fun! You are right the tubes go fast. Stopping by from SITS!

Anonymous said...

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