Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crazy House

I am no longer in denial:

I mean, sure, there was Wednesday night when I went upstairs to get 3 pairs of PJs and came downstairs to find sugar all over the kitchen and mudroom.  From what I could piece together (didn't know I was a CSI, did you!?!?), during the 5 minutes I was gone, Cole had pushed a toy up to the counter, climbed up and taken the sugar bowl down from the cabinet and handed it to Eli and Ava.  They proceeded to feed each other and "sand paint" on the floor...over and over and over.  But that's "normal"...right?

Is it normal for a 2 year old to bundle up inside?

There is also Ty's insistance that he needed to "splunge" the toilet this afternoon.  "Splunge?", I asked.  "Splunge...it won't flush..."  "Don't do ANYTHING to the toilet...the handle's broken...don't do ANYTHING!"

I'm thinking Zoe's homework pencil choice wasn't normal either...

And the triplet's silence during homework time was definitely NOT normal, today.  Apparently, they didn't want to play in the Family Room anymore.  They thought the Mudroom would be a better place to hang out.

(I took a video...but can't figure out why it won't post...hmmm...so I'm not a techie...shoot me!)


BenLand said...

oh lord....that is funny!

why are kids so good at trashing houses? my boys can have every toy pulled out within minutes..looks like your trio is pretty good at it too...

kids...without them life would be way too boring :)

Mom/Grammy said...

Is there any way to channel this activity into a marketable skill?

Tina said...

I LOVE You! Now I don't feel sooo alone. Your house is as crazy as mine. LOVE the pics. I am loving your blog! Is it OK if I link you to mine.

I recently took a break from blogging (my six kids kinda forced me into a sabatical LOL) but I am back and loving it again.

You are one AWESOME Momma!

Marcella said...

Amy, that is one successful mess made by three very determined little ones. I'm thinking of renaming my house Ramapo Ridge II but not just yet. Hope the weekend is being kind to you!

salli said...

LOL! I love your crazy house!