Monday, September 28, 2009

Seven - Sassy & Sweet

My baby isn't a baby anymore!

Zoe turned 7!

I won't lie and say it's gone quickly.  Some days have seemed to last forever.  But on a whole, she's a real blessing to me. 

She helps so much with the babies and has a real love of life.  She has energy that I wish I could bottle up.  Zoe loves to hang from things, climb on things, and jump on the trampoline.  She's a great story-writer and list-maker.  She has inherited her mother's addiction to pens (and stationary products, in general).

Zoe loves to read and I love that her favorite book is her Bible.  Recently, I was sitting at the island in the kitchen doing my bible study homework and Zoe quietly sat next to me reading her own bible and working on her devotional. 

Zoe's birthday lasted two weeks!

On her actual birthday, she celebrated in school: Chipwiches!  She also had to make a poster to tell her class a little about herself.  Then her classmates each write a little encouraging note that the teacher puts together for the birthday girl/boy.  A great keepsake.

Saturday (9/19) we had Zoe's Family Birthday Dinner: Spaghetti 3 Ways (without sauce, tomato sauce and alfredo sauce) and Home-made Ice Cream cake.

Then, this past weekend (9/25-26), she had her first (and last for awhile) slumber party.  Zoe invited three girls...and their American Girl Dolls...over for pizza, craft, movie, and "sleep".  Here are some highlights:

The Gang
(Molly, Karalyn, Maeve and Zoe)

The Pizza

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

The Craft (decorating tee-shirts)

Maeve didn't want to be in the picture, so Momma Barclay stood in for her!

The Movie (Kit Kittredge)
...thanks Dad for bringing the projector home and putting the movie on the wall.  SO COOL!

The Sleeping Quarters

All-in-all, it wasn't that bad.  The girls were up until a little after midnight and up around 6:30am.  They were well-behaved and got along (for the most part).  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, actually.  I'm not saying Zoe can have another sleepover this weekend...or even this year...but I haven't crossed it off the list forever!


K Boonstra said...

love the b-day party pics... what a cute bunch of girls and what a brave mamma you are! :-)

Alexis! said...

Sounds like a lot of fun :)

salli said...

Happy Birthday Zoe! I love the picture of you and her doing Bible study together! So precious! Did you each have 4 different colored pens available to you, of course neatly contained in a pen case? ;)