Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bringing Back an Old Friend

Shane's been desperate for a project lately.  He's finished the mudroom, the treehouse, the bike path, and the fence and is chompin' at the bit to get something else going.  But his mean wife I won't let him tear out the hallway linen closet to make the kids' bathroom bigger.  So...there he sits...twiddling his thumbs.

This weekend, he couldn't take it anymore.  He dug through the basement closet and the next thing I knew...there was a happy man out at his workbench with tools in hand!

Within 20 minutes, the proud hunter returned from his prowl with his catch father emerged from the garage with (drum-roll please...)

Zoe's Busy Box!

Back when Zoe was the one driving us crazy with her energy two-ish, Shane set out to build her a "busy box".  You know the type: Switches, knobs, dials, etc.  But then he got the idea to make each button DO something.  So Zoe's "box" became an appliance.  One switch was even connected to the local Christian Radio Station.  The lights lit up cut-outs that spelled out her name.  Typical Shane project: above and beyond expectations!

(Zoe at 18m with her Busy Box...please ignore my overalls!)

When this new and exciting toy made it's way into the Family Room, the triplets swarmed to it like moths to a flame! They LOVE it.  And why not?  There's enough to do for everyone.  At one point (before I could turn my camera on) Cole had his feet in empty compartment...sitting on the door (I'm pretty sure he bent the hinges a little bit.)

My only complaint is the extra "white noise" of the radio.  Last night, after cleaning up all the toys and vacuuming the entire downstairs (I just added that in for my own ego boost) I sat down on the couch to watch a little Football/Baseball combo and I couldn't hear the announcers.  I had to keep turning up the volume.  About 10 minutes later, I realized the radio from the busy box was still on!


Helen McGinn said...

My goodness, he is a genius! That is so cool.
Stopped by from SITS. x

Superhero Mom said...

Ok so seriously! Shane is absolutely amazing. Let the man go Amy...set him free to tinker away...I can't imagine (my man is a chef..a wonderful one I might add, but hammer and nail...NO WAY! Oh how blessed! Great post

salli said...

Wow...who knew the busy box could get even better? I was impressed with it the first time around.

Sara E said...

ok... he is way too crafty!!!!! that busy box is so super cool!

Alexis! said...

That's really creative :) Stopped by from SITS :)