Monday, June 8, 2009

Too Far Behind to Catch Up?

It's been so long since I've blogged, I can't even remember all that needs to be posted! I guess I'll just make a list (I love lists!) the last we "spoke", Ty had learned to ride without training wheels. What's happened since then? Think, Amy, think! Ouch. My brain hurts. I can barely remember what I cooked for dinner, now I'm trying to recount the last 7 whole days? I better go get my calendar.

Monday - 6/1 - First Official "Cool Pool Day". For the last few summers, we've spent at least one day a week at my friend Shannon's ("Cool Shannon") pool. Her pool saved my life when I was pregnant with the triplets. I would just float in the pool while the kids swam. Last summer, the babies loved swimming and with the help of Lindsay, a day at the pool was VERY relaxing and fun. This year, though, the triplets are mobile. How well could it work? For one, every baby had a life vest on as soon as we were in the gate. I borrowed Shannon's, so Cole was stuck wearing a pink Barbie vest.

(Next to Ava is Ashleigh. Believe it or not, Ash is 2 months older than Ava!)

All-in-all, it went well. Eli wasn't interested in the pool, at all. Ava...just a little. Cole LOVED it.

Tuesday - 6/2 - Ava's First ER Trip. I'm not 100% sure what exactly happened, since I wasn't there, but from what was reported, it sounds like Ava was just walking around in the trampoline (netted in, of course). Ty was in there with her. Lindsay was right there watching them. APPARENTLY, Ty bounced a little too close to Ava and she fell forward onto her hands and knees. As to be expected, there were tears. Lindsay gathered Ava up into her arms and tried to comfort her. But since it was close to naptime, she chalked up the added tears to tiredness. After naptime, Lindsay took the babies back outside. But Ava wouldn't let Lindsay put her down. So she brought Ava back inside...where I had to hold her because she STILL wouldn't stand up. Almost 5 hours after her "fall", Ava wasn't putting any weight on her left leg. So off to the ER we went for x-rays. (Sidenote: Lindsay's mom is a high-risk pregnancy nurse at a local hospital. She has an "in" with the pediatricians. They met us at the ER to "speed things along".) A few x-rays and a dose of Motrin later, we were leaving the ER with a "Sprained Leg" diagnosis. Phew. I wasn't sure how I'd handle a 2-year old diva in a leg cast. Ava was the perfect patient...until she got into the x-ray room. She screamed bloody murder when she saw the technician. Still, Ava didn't put weight on that leg till mid-day Wednesday...limped around no more than a few steps Thursday morning and was perfectly fine by Friday.

Tuesday's "Added Bonus": As we're on our way to the hospital, Lindsay texts me to let me know that Zoe got a note sent home in her folder. She ended the day on yellow (green - yellow - blue - red behavior chart). This isn't uncommon. But when you don't stay on green, Mrs. Slootmaker writes a little note to explain why. Zoe's note on Tuesday: "Zoe glued her hands together." Sorry. I got nothing more to say...I'm still laughing!

(Sorry for the blurry picture, Zoe wouldn't let me steal it long enough to scan it!)

Wednesday - 6/3 - Last Royal Rangers/Missionettes Meeting of the Year. Two words: HYPER CHILDREN! I guess it didn't help that Zoe had 2 ice cream parties that day (one at school, one at club).

The rest of the week I spent trying to get Zoe to calm down, Ty to move faster, Ava to stand on her leg, Eli to eat his food (other than the carbs), and Cole to talk.

Friday - 6/5 - Lindsay goes back to South Africa for 6 weeks. It was great to see her a few days and to catch up. The kids fell RIGHT BACK in love with her.

Then Sunday morning, I got news that rocked my world: my college roommate's husband passed away in his sleep on Friday night. Please pray for Bethany, her two children (4 1/2 and 2) and their families. She seems to be handling things well (all things considered) but the next few days, weeks and months are going to be very tough, I'm sure. Please, don't take the time with your loved ones for granted. Hug them tightly and tell them how much you love them.


Amy said...

amen to the last part. my heart is so heavy! i've got to blog, too...

Melissa said...

Just found your blog- I am momma to 5 as well. My oldest is 3 1/2 so I can understand why you can't remember what was for breakfast, much less what happened 2 days ago! As a former teacher i have to say, I love the "glued her hand together" bit! Too funny!

salli said...

Hey Amy!! Somehow I lost track of your blog, but I'm back---reading and catching up. :)