Monday, July 21, 2008

Organizational Excitement

One of my least favorite "jobs" as a mom is tracking down toys at a moment's notice. You know the drill: Child is in the middle of a massive meltdown and said child can't find the one thing that will stop the impending doom. It's two hours after bedtime and said child's been out in the sun swimming ALL DAY and is ridiculously overtired. So are you. All you (okay...I) really want to do is sit on the couch with my laptop and watch some mindless television. But, no. We're in the middle of a meltdown of epic proportions. "Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut (sniff..sniff...sniff) Mooooooooooooom (sob...confulse...sob) I knooooooooooow I left my DS right here (sob...sob...sniff...shutter) I don't know WHERE (uninteligible mumbling) and now I can't sleep!"
My days of tracking down toys are OVER!

Last weekend, Shane and the "Big Kids" headed over to IKEA and found some book shelves with bins.

(Sorry...Zoe was in charge of the "Before" pictures so this is really the only one there is)

(Yes, Zoe's posing! But she really was a big help.)
(Each of the kids had to "sort" their toys into the bins)

(No...I didn't take a picture of the huge smile on my face)

And y'all should know that the top green bin, all the way on the right, in BOTH shelves, is the "Electronics Bin".  That's where you'll find all DS's, Leapsters, MP3 players, Chargers, Cameras, Games, etc.  So should you ever be over during an ugly meltdown, THAT's where you'll find the peace maker!


the schirano triplets said...

oh my gosh, i love those shelves!!! i need some of those here!

Colleen said...

I am so in need of some organization myself! And I only have one! But he doesn't lose and want specific stuff yet. As long as we can find a ball or a car-Cody's good! Take care!

Collegegirl said...

LOVE the shelf. I have seen my electronic meltdown deal from my brother and it is NOT CUTE when he is overtired.

Sullins' Spot said...

You want to know what's funny! I have been trying to find the best things to use in my kids rooms too! I have been planning it for a while but can't find exactly what I am looking for...didn't even think about ikea! Might need to venture over to their website and check it out! :O)

Looks great!

Dorinda said...

I totally LOVE Ikea especially for organization :) The key, however, is actually keeping it that way! In my case the floor serves as our bins and our bins are always clean as a whistle. Isn't that how it's supposed to work??

And the DS drama. Ugh, tired of it already!

salli said...

Very nice, my organizational mentor. I took notes on this post. :-)

aura said...

seeing that shane works for sony , i would think the really deep bin on the bottom should be for electronics :) great post, worth the wait!!! im waiting for the post about you saving the drowning kid--(yes its true , i was there!! )total baywatch about mindless tv.