Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ten Months - Eight Updates

Only 2 months until "The Gang" turns 1!?!?!?! That's right! They turned 10 months old yesterday! Can I just say that I'm glad adults don't celebrate every month birthday! It's hard enough to admit, once a year, that I now have to write a larger number on any form I fill out! I'm also glad you don't care about updates and pictures of me! Because progress in my life is a WHOLE lot slower than for the triplets.

Here's the latest on them (In list format, of course. We all know how much I love lists):

1) Eli's still the only one with teeth. Yes, plural! His 2nd bottom tooth poked through 2 Saturdays ago. We're hoping that Ava will have a tooth in the next 24 hours, otherwise she might just drive me insane! She had a fever for a few days along with some "special" diapers. Her hands (and anything else she can grab) are constantly in her mouth. There's so much drool, I can't tell where it ends and the snot begins. Because, holy cow, there is a lot of snot!

(Yes, I know it's mean to have a screaming picture, but you can see his teeth)

2) All three are "talking". It's very funny to listen to their "conversations". They really do wait for each other to finish talking before they add their two cents. If I was technically savvy, I'd videotape it, and post it for a good laugh. But, alas, I have no clue how to do that. So, you all are invited to stop by anytime and watch the show. It's quite good!

3) The boys are HUGE raspberry blowers. Unfortunately, it's generally during meal times. Thankfully, they don't do it with full mouths. They seem to enjoy practicing their raspberries while waiting for their next spoonful. By the time the meal is over, I have a lovely work of art on my shirt and arm, displaying a variety of colors from the meal.

(My mom hates this picture...yes...Eli looks funny...he's blowing raspberries)

4) Speaking of meals, we're moving toward a "3 meals a day" schedule. Ugh! It's a tough few months. I feel like we're always eating, preparing to eat, or cleaning up from eating. So here's a rough look at our day:

7a - Bottle
9a - Yogurt & finger foods
9:30a - Nap
11:30a - Bottle
11:45a - Cereal & Fruit
1p - Nap
3:30p - Bottle
5:30p - Cereal, Veggie & Fruit
7:30p - Bottle

5) Now that we're all mobile, time in the Playpen ("The Pen") has become somewhat of a "WWF" event. Lindsay called it a cage the other day. Ummmm...they aren't ANIMALS, I pointed out. It's a Pen! But really, if you watch them, sometimes it really is a cage.

6) We're HUGE! HUGE! Okay, really only Cole's huge. He's in 18m clothing. He's 10 months old. He's a preemie. He's a multiple. Someone tell him he's supposed to be small! I don't even need to do arms at the gym. He's over 24 pounds. Really? Really. It's ridiculous.

7) I realize he's not 10-months old, but Ty had his first attempt of riding his bike without training wheels. It was interesting, to say the least. The training wheels are back on. Maybe we'll try again in a few weeks.

8) The triplets have a new favorite afternoon activity: Jogging! Lindsay's been taking them out and this weekend, I gave it a whirl. I walked with them on Saturday and jogged on Sunday when Shane & the kids rode their bikes to the park. It was ROUGH! I didn't realize how much extra effort it took to push a stroller!


Alexa said...

I don't think I have ever seen Eli cry before, and now there is photographic evidence! I must admit, pictures of crying Eli make my heart turn over a little. He is just so cute.

Superhero Mom said...

I can't even imagine what it will be like for you when they are all 4 years old. Last year one of my good friends watched my boys and said "the thing is, that I feel like all we did was eat, clean up, and eat again all day long". It is that stage when you have to do it all and it is overwhelming. Now my boys can at least pour their own drink and I have instituted a "Closed Kitchen" rule! At certain times, the KITCHEN IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED!!! GO AWAY! We have a bathroom full of water! Water from the sink (and not the potty) of course! ;)

Grammy said...

The wrong paople are wearing bibs. Raspberry protection needed...Mommy sized bibs!

salli said...

Awww! I love them in that jogging stroller. They are so cute! Good job, super mom!

Helen said...

Think of all the extra calorie you're burning :) If you really want some fun, try doing the Couch to 5K program while pushing a triple jogger - that'll get your heart pumping!

You really should learn how to do videos!

Love the pictures too! Isn't meal time messy? I think I went through half a container of wet-ones just now try to de-sticky the boys.

BoufMom9 said...

Hi! Just wanted to pop on over after seeing you post on Rachael's blog.
I always love meeting other mommies of lots of kiddies, esp. if they have multiples too!
Adorable family!
Happy 10 Months babies!!! (my twins just turned 20 months. gasp!)
:) Debi