Sunday, October 21, 2007

WAG Debut

We did it! We successfully brought the triplets to church! 11 weeks after they entered the world & 7 weeks after the last one was home, we ventured off to Church. It helped that the triplet's feeding schedule has spread out to 3 1/2 hours and church falls right in the middle of that span. It also helps that church doesn't start until 10 am. Still, we did it. That's not to say we didn't hit some resistance: not the greatest night of sleep, unexpected massive spit ups causing a need to redress a child (not that massive spit up is ever's just you don't expect it from Cole. Ava, yes. Cole, no.), a must-ask-1000-questions Zoe, and of course, a very...very...very slow moving Ty.
I apologize to any of you who may not have been in attendance for the event...but it went well, so you can rest will most likely happen again next Sunday!


Alexa said...

So, of course that is the Sunday that Alex and I stayed home! I will just have to pretend that last Sunday was not their debut, so I can act all surprised and excited when I see them next week.

Alex Soto said...

You know, you pretty much have niche in the mother of 5 children (including a set of triplets) category. Please continue sharing stories of your adventures.

salli said...

I'm soooo sorry I missed seeing them. I hope you're all there again next week. I'm dying to hold one (or more!).