Monday, August 27, 2007

Triplets...Yes, you heard right!

Let me introduce you to the latest additions to the Higby Gang: Cole, Eli & Ava. They were born August 4, 2007 at The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ at 34 weeks and 1 day! All 3 are healthy and doing well.

Cole Richard (a.k.a. "Baby A")
Born at 1:03 pm
5 lbs. 3 oz.
18 inches

First baby home! He came home at 10 days old. No issues! When Zoe saw him, she said, "I didn't think he'd be THAT small!" And Ty thought he was Micah...his cousin (9 days older than the triplets). This is the first time that Zoe OR Ty saw ANY of the babies. Could Zoe look any more proud?

Eli Robert (a.k.a. "Baby B")
Born at 1:04 pm
4 lbs. 4 oz.
17 inches

Took Eli a little bit longer to get home...20 days! He had a few sleep apnea episodes. The doctors thought it was Reflux, but the "Sleep Study" said otherwise. Apnea is very common is premies, apparently. They waited a week, then did another "Sleep Study". The results showed that just that one additional week was all Eli needed. His apnea was gone and we could bring him home! Yippee!!!!!!!!!! So now he's home and loving being back together with Cole.

Ava Barbara (a.k.a. "Baby C")
Born at 1:05 pm
4 lbs. 5 oz.
17 inches
Unfortunately, the princess is having WAY too much fun in the NICU. She's still there. Her second "Sleep Study" showed a mild case of Reflux. So, today, she started Zantac. If she doesn't have any bad reactions to the medicine, she'll come home 25. She's a PEANUT: just hit the 5 pound mark today. We can't wait to get her home...especially Zoe. She wants her baby sister something FIERCE!


Corey said...

w00t! First comment!

Glad to see Eli's home and doing well, and I hope Ava makes it home soon to join her brothers. Just don't forget to feed and bath Zoe and Ty. :D

Alexa said...

Can you ask Ava to please be home by this thursday? Because that is when I am coming over! Love the blog! Welcome to the club.

salli said...

I'm so glad you've entered blogs-ville! I'm love reading blogs. Way to go Ava on hitting 5 pounds. Hope she's home soon. You can probably drive to Valley with your eyes closed by now. :)

aura said...

i cant stand it . i gotta come meet this amazing trio!! ill bring dinner in sept but i cant wait till then!!! you are the most organized mom i know. rock on sista!!!

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