Monday, August 27, 2007

There's a first time for everything

For almost a year now, I've thought about starting a blog. Mostly, I thought it would be an easy way to keep everyone up-to-date on our pregnancy and the crazy happenings of the two "Big Kids" (Z and T...not Shane and I). But I never got around to it.

Until now.

And we all know that I have TONS of time on my hands right now. I didn't just have triplets or anything. It's not like I've got a daughter about to head to Kindergarten. And there isn't still a 3 1/2 year old child that will be hanging out with the triplets and I all day...

Still, I thought it would be fun to start a blog. Read it, if you're bored. Ignore it, if you want. Scan for pictures, if you're short on time. It's up to you! I'm thinking this is really just going to be therapy for a mom that can't really get out much these days but who (prior to triplets) would barely ever be home...



Jesusworshiper said...

I'm so happy for you and Shane... Praise God for these little children. what a blessing.

Continue to choose joy. The joy of the LORD is your strength

with love,

Anonymous said...

Amy....I LOVE your blog! it is such a great idea that you are doing one!! :)

I am also so glad to hear the boys are both home, and Ava shouldn't be far behind them! :)

you GO supermom!!!!!! Love Jess

Alida said...

The babies look wonderful as you do as well. My love and prayers go to you and Shane as well as patience when it seems like nothing is going right. The Lord will help you through all the difficult and great times. Just remember how very much it means to me to hear the goings on of the Higby Gang. Looking forward to all the updates as they come this way. Love to all of you and God Bless ~Alida

Corey said...

w00t! First comment!

Glad to see everything's going alright with Eli being home, and I hope Ava can join them soon.

Anonymous said...

Shane- I guess if you can't master the forkball, have 5 kids!?
Nice work guys