Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Surprise Gems

The problem with living in the "Electronic Age" (is that even what it's called?) is that there are 1000 different gadgets recording our lives and laying around our house. There's my phone, Zoe's iPod, Ty iPod, the iPad, my galaxy camera, my DSLR, and the kids' camera.  Remember when there was one family camera that had a roll (or disc) of film in it with the ability to capture 24, 36 or (hold on to your seat) 48 images that would take WEEKS for you to remember to drop off at the camera store and even longer for you to remember to go back and pick up the 3x5 glossy prints that sometimes (if you had a coupon) you would order doubles of? Then you'd put the negatives somewhere safe "in case you ever wanted another copy"? (Remind me to tell you about the camera I sent Zoe to sleep-away camp with.)
Well today, I spent a good chuck of my afternoon uploading pictures to my laptop from those various gadgets. The best part? Finding gems like these:
And of course...the videos!  Oh boy...
It's almost as good as getting pictures back months after they were taken.  You never know what you're gonna get!

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