Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a lot like...


I'm not sure why, but I got a slow start to feeling the Christmas cheer this year.  Maybe it's the three two-year old, busy-bodies that are constantly getting into things and trying my last ounce of patience these days.  Or maybe it's the fact that Thanksgiving was "late this year".  (Is that even true?  I hear people throw that excuse around and, honestly, I haven't a clue what it means, but I'm looking for any and every reason why I have procrastinated.)  Or maybe it's because we skipped the traditional "day-after-Thanksgiving-Mom-and-Amy-put-the-Christmas-decorations-up" activity in lieu of a trip to the Children's Museum.  Whatever the reason, it took awhile for me to jump-start my jolly this season.

Saturday, the tree went up.  Shane and the big kids got all bundled up, grabbed the ax, headed up north to the forest, searched for hours, chopped down the perfect tree, tied it to the horses and trecked back to civilization.  Or...they drove up to Home Depot and bought it sight unseen.  Yes, the tree was already bundled and they didn't care.  They picked it up, paid the $30, tied it to the roof and headed home...5 minutes away.  Sunday was nice and rainy, perfect for putting ornaments on the tree.  Shane made a fire and got all comfortable...until I informed him that decorating the tree was a FAMILY event...not a Mommy and me thing.  Despite a few attempts to escape, everyone (above the age of 2) participated.

Another holiday favorite is Gingerbread Houses.  Zoe and Ty managed not eat all the candy and actually saved some to decorate their houses.  Check it off the list: Done!

No...haven't started the baking yet.  I planned on making my cookie list on Monday.  So, I pulled out the recipe box and grabbed a pen and paper.  About 2 minutes later, I was distracted by someone or something and stepped away...for a second or two.  When I came back, the entire contents of my recipe box (which, by the way, contains recipes written by my Granny) were covering the floor of the kitchen and family room.  Entire.  Box.  So...I haven't exactly made the list yet, I'm still trying to FIND the cookie recipes.

We did start a new tradition this year.  To some of you, it may not be so new: The Elf on the Shelf!

The kids love looking for "Jingle" every morning.  I tried to push for "Ferdi" as a name (that's our Nanny's fiance's name) but Ty thought I was making fun of him.  So we settled on "Jingle".  The only problem is...the kids don't believe in Santa.  So the novelty of Jingle telling Santa who's behaving and who's not...not working so well!

Only 9 more shopping days to go, Ladies and Gentlemen.  I better get going...


Montessori Moments said...

Such a sweet blog.
Beautiful Family!
Merry Christmas from a fellow SITSta

Superhero Mom said...

Amy your home is so beautiful!

Carol Ferensak said...

You truly are blessed to have your 5 beautiful children to share your Christmas with. They might make getting ready a challenge, but Christmas without little ones is just not the same. Enjoy!
PS: Your home looks beautiful, and so festive!

Dorinda said...

House looks great! I'd say you're in the Christmas mood :)

And I love Eli's artwork - so nice. We give the magic eraser a good workout here too!

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Amy said...

looks like you're getting there in the christmas department. i feel behind, too :) haven't sent out the cards or baked a single cookie either :) ah, well....christmas will come whether i've got it all together or not.

Salliann said...

I'm still impressed that you're going to bake at all. Mind you, I'm usually impressed when I read your blog though, Supermama. :-)