Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Do I REALLY have a 5 year-old?

(sorry it's out of focus...it was 6:45 am before leaving for the bus)

Yes, I do! And apparently, once you're in Kindergarten, birthdays take on a life of their own...

BIRTHDAY #1...9/18/07 - Zoe's official birthday

Making sure to avoid all allergens, Ty & I brought the (apparently) uber-cool birthday snack of "Number Donuts", something I had NO idea existed, to school for snack time. And to think that I was just going to bake some "funfetti" cupcakes and bring them in. But no, that's not what Miss Zoe wanted. So, I called up Dunkin Donuts and requested 2 dozen donuts in the shape of 5's. Choosing a flavor was an act of congress...but finally, Zoe chose 1/2 chocolate frosted and 1/2 strawberry frosted. BOTH with sprinkles. I was fully prepared to pay an arm and a leg for these donuts but was pleasantly surprised: they cost the same as a regular dozen donuts!

BIRTHDAY #2...9/22/07 - The Princess Tea

Being that I recently had a major life change (a.k.a. "The Triplets"), there was NO way I was hosting a 5th birthday party here at the house. After a lot of research (and some serious heart attacks after looking at prices) Zoe and Mommy agreed on a YMCA party. A princess tea. The girls came dressed up as their favorite princesses and they had their nails done, put on make-up (which they got to take home), colored a crown, made a bracelet, & decorated a wallet. Then they had a tea party complete with Apple Juice Tea a & Sandwiches with the crusts cut off. They worked off those calories with a fashion show for those of us that stayed. Then they had cake and called it a day. Phew...I'm tired just writing all that. The beauty of it? I didn't have to plan, set up, bake, host, or clean!!!!!!!!!!!

BIRTHDAY #3...9/23/07 - Family Birthday Lunch

Are you kidding? 2 celebrations isn't enough? Zoe gets a THIRD? A friend of mine was always proud to celebrate her "Birthday Week" and now I'm seeing where that came from. This is CRAZY!!!!!!!!! Nothing too crazy...just some tacos. I baked a sheet cake (could it get easier?) and let Aunt Shannon & Zoe ice & decorate it. Zoe, of course, put a large "Z" on it. Ty climbed up to look at that cake and quickly noted, "Ooooooooooh, Zoe, HANDsome Z!"

All this to say...Praise the Lord we only celebrate birthdays once a year!


Alida said...

Looks like the "PRINCESS" party was a big hit. And I have to say, Zoe really is a Princess. She's definetly growing up way too fast! And I love those Donuts. What a great idea.

Alexa said...

Yes, you really do have a 5 year old! That picture of Zoe and Ty is so adorable. I love the princess tea party. Do they do grown-up versions? Hee hee.

salli said...

Happy Birthday, Zoe!